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Next crop looking good

Photo 13 Apr 2 notes Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush

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Purple Urkle

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It’s all fucking pointless.

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Faded and super faded off that chronic

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You get when you’re sitting outside waiting for a friend to come get you. You keep glancing up and down the street, in anticipation of good times to come. That’s how I feel when I look at the stars in the speckled velvet sky. Looking, waiting, hoping.

Photo 11 Apr 2 notes TrainWreck- day 42 in flip

TrainWreck- day 42 in flip

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Photo 11 Apr 1 note
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i want more of you, your words, your want, the way your eyes call out.  I want more of you, image and flesh, whispers and moans.  Send me a sign, send me a sigh. Send me a signal.  Or have you become a ghost of desire once wished and wanted, now drifted and disappeared.

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This is my favorite post

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When you get the feeling you’re either being lied to, or something is being hid from you, and you know if you ask the question, things will never be the same. Especially when you’ve had this feeling in the past and it was spot on, just with a different person.

Photo 10 Apr 2 notes Cartoon by Patrick Hardin

Cartoon by Patrick Hardin

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